Civil labour contractors in bangalore

you can check the latest labour rates for house construction in Bangalore and basic agreement of contract for your house.

1. P.C.C 1:4:8 or 1:3:6 4″ Thickness for Foundation and Flooring Below.

2. R.C.C 1:1½:3 For Footing, Pedestal, Plinth Beam, Columns, Lintels, Chejjas(sun shades), Staircase, Roof Beams, Roof Slab. Including centering and bar bending work.

3. S.S.Masonry work 50%by Contractor 50% by Owner.

4. Concrete block work upto roof level of the building.

5. Internal Inside Ceiling and wall plastering with lime rendering.

6. External plastering with Sponge finish.

7. Parapet wall construction upto 4’-0” height.

8. Doors and windows Frame fixing.

9. Window Grills, Staircase Railing, Balcony Railing, Main Gate Fixing.

10. Cinder filling in Sunken portion and concreting.

11. Kitchen Platform Masonry work.(Fixing Platform Extra).

12. Basic Elevation as per Drawing. (If Elevation is delicate then cost will Extra).


1. Earth Work Excavation will be cost extra.

2. Sump Tank Construction will be cost extra.

3. Overhead Tank will be cost extra.

4. Compound Wall will be cost extra.

5. Chamber Work (Earth work, Block work, Plastering work for Chambers.) will be cost extra.

6 Waterproofing work for Toilet and Terrace will be cost extra.

7. Road cutting for sanitary and Water connection will be cost extra.

8. Carpentry, Flooring, Electrical, Plumbing, Painting, Fabrication, and Texture, Interior Work will be cost extra.

9. After Finishing work any Alteration taken place then it will be cost extra.

10. Elevation is delicate then cost will Extra.


1. Departmental works like (Sanctioning of plan, and Temporary power supply and water charges should be take care by owner. 

2. Temporary power supply.

3. Water for Construction, curing and drinking should be take care by owner.

4. If any incontinent happens in site like (Police, Corporation people) owner should take care.

5. Demolition and Cleaning of site before starting the work should be take care by owner.

6. Accommodation Space for labourers.

7. Temporary Toilet for labours to be constructed at site.

8. 2sets of Drawing will be given to contractor by Owner.

9. Removing of Debris should be take care by owner.

10. Owner should provide all construction material time to time on site as like (Cement, Sand, Jelly, Steel, Blocks, Sponge, Joint mesh, Etc…).


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