Plastering Labour Rates in Bangalore

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Slno  DETAILS Rate Unit
1 Internal Ceiling Plastering With Lime Rendering   or   Gare chakka  Finish 13.00 Sft
2 Internal Plastering With Lime Rendering or Gare chakka Finish 13.00 Sft
3 External Sponge Plastering Excluding Scaffolding 20.00 Sft
4 External Sponge Plastering Including  Scaffolding 24.00 Sft
5 Window Chajjas upto 1’6” Width 175.00 Rft
6 Window Bands 3” width 40.00 Rft
7 Window  Band  6”X6”X6″ 125.00 Rft
8 Plastering Grove 1″ width X ½” Depth 35.00 Rft
1.   Scaffolding Poles, rope, Sponge will be giving by Owner.
2.   Curing will be done for 8days from our side after 8 days curing will be from owner side.
3.   Measurement will be taken as per work done at the site.
4.   If door or window is line with the plastering then full deduction for plastering.
5.   If door or window is having ledge (Pinji) then there will be no deduction for plastering.
6.   Scaffolding will be removed at the time of plastering work only.
7.   If owner wants to retain the scaffolding after plastering work then cost for scaffolding removing will be extra. Payment will be as      
        per actual labour.
8.   Concrete chipping from owner site.
9.   Concrete hacking work should be owner side. Or (Rs-1.50/Sft for hacking) hacking Machine will be provided by owner.
10.   Skirting patch work should be from owner side.
11.   Anything not mention in this quotation will be discussed at site.