How to Build a house step by step.


1.1 Dismantling of Existing building

1.2 Site cleaning work


2.1 Getting the Necessary Permits

a) Land survey: Survey of the land has to be carried out with the help of authorized land surveyor

b) Soil test report of the land.

c) Land documents.

d) Architecture/ elevation/ sectional drawings.

e) Structural report.

f)  Architect Certificate of undertaking on Record and Certificate of the undertaking of Civil Engineer on Record

2.1.1 BBMP Building plan Sanctioning

If you would like to construct a building in Bangalore, you should get approval from concerned authorities. (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) BBMP Plan approval procedure within its jurisdiction to issue approval letters to Builders / Site owners for construction of a new building, the authority after verifying all the documents and fulfillment of legal requirements.

If there are no sanctions from BBMP or the deviation is more than 5%, BBMP has the authority to demolish the building or levy penalty for unauthorized construction.

2.1.2 temporary electrical connection

BESCOM, which is the abbreviation used for the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company which is in charge of distribution of power to the districts of Bangalore.

BESCOM, which is the abbreviation used for the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company which is in charge of distribution of power to the districts of Bangalore.

One can read on How to apply for BESCOM connection in Bangalore and the charges.

On the pages, its explained in detail about the process of getting approval, Documentation required, BESCOM meter Deposits, Getting
Temporary connection, etc.

2.1.3 Estimation work.

Building construction involves a huge amount of material and budget. After, planning and structural detailing completed these details are transferred to the building estimator. The building estimator will estimate the material quantity, quantity of different items of work, and prepare an abstract sheet that shows the cost of building construction. If financial resources are limited, we need to seek pre-approval for loans in advance or else you may end up in a cash crunch situation.


3.1 Designing your House

3.1.1 HIRING an ARCHITECT or Professionals

Many Clients Decide/Think to design their home on their own, which affects negatively on a Long run. While for some, it is quite challenging
to decide between Hiring Architects or Getting the Design work by themselves.

While the ones who think that hiring Architects is not essential should consider factors like local bylaws, far, building codes, green design issues, ensuring your dreams are realistic within the budget.

3.1.2 Finalizing House Plans or Floor Plans as per Requirements

It’s important to finalize the home plans or Floor Plans given by Architects, which will be as per the requirement by an owner or client.

It’s important to finalize the home plans or Floor Plans given by Architects, which will be as per the requirement by an owner or client.

3.1.3 Finalizing Structural drawings

It’s important to finalize the structural consultants.

List of the Structural drawings

1. Center line Drawings.
2. Footing drawings.
3. plinth beam drawings.
4. staircase drawings.
5. Lintel drawings.

3.1.4 Working Drawing

List of the Working drawings

1. Schematic plan
2 masonry layout drawing
3.Opening Schedules
door window drawing
fabrication drawing
2D Elevation drawing
Electrical Drawing
Plumbing Drawing

3.1.5 3D Elevation drawing


4.1 vendors Finalizing

List of Vendors to Finalize

1. Civil Labour contractor

1.1 Earth excavatror
1.2 Barbender contractor
1.3 Centering contractor
1.4 Concrete gang

2. electrician

3. Plumber

4. Carpenter

5. Fabricators

6. Painter

7. Tile & granite layer

8. Gas pipe line work


Construction Work

5.0 Foundation Work upto plinth beam

5.1 Centerline Marking

5.2 Excavation work

5.3 Footing Leveling work

5.4 P.C.C Work for Footing

5.5 Column marking for footing column

5.6 Barbending work for footings

5.7 Formwork for footings Concrete

5.8 footings Concrete

5.9 Formwork Work Removing Work (Footing)

5.10 S.S.Masonry work

5.10.1 Excavation for S.S.Masonry work
5.10.2 P.C.C Concrete for S.S.Masonry work
5.10.3 S.S.Masonry Work

5.11 Pedestal work

5.11.1 Formwork Work for Pedestal
5.11.2 Pedestal Concreting
5.11.3 Formwork Work Removing Work (pedestal)

5.12 Sump tank

5.12.1 Excavation work
5.12.2 P.c.c concreting
5.12.3 masonry work
5.12.4 Rought plastering
5.12.5 Reinforcement work
5.12.6 mesh work
5.12.7 rought plastering
5.12.8 cement finish plastering
5.12.9 formwork for sump tank
5.12.10 reinforcement for sump tank
5.12.11 concreting for sump tank slab

5.18 plith beam work

5.16 Refinling work upto plinth beam bottom
5.17 earth leveling for plinth beam
5.19 plinth beam reinforcement work
5.20 formwork for plinth beam
5.21 plinth beam concreting
5.22 formwork work removing work (plinth Beam)
5.23 earth refilling work upto plinth beam top
5.24 earth leveling

5.25 p.c.c concrete for flooring

6.0 plinth beam to ground floor roof.

6.1 column starter marking work

6.1.1 column starter marking

6.1.2 column starter concrete

6.2 column box concreting

6.2.1 column concrete

6.2.2 column over lintel

6.3 masonry work

6..3.1 layout marking

6..3.2 door window opening as per drawing

6..3.3 Masonry Over Lintel

6..3.4 parapet wall work

6.5 lintel work

6.6 Staricase work

6.7 ground floor roof

6.6.1 Centering work
6.6.2 Reinforcement work
6.6.3 electrical work
6.6.4 concreting work

7.0 Door & window fixing

7.1 check sizes as per drawing

8.0 Grill fixing

10.0 Electrical Work

11.0 Plumbing work

12.0 Plastering work

13.0 Terrace waterproofing work

14.0 Flooring work

15.0 Metal work

16.0 Wood work

17.0 Elevation and clading work

18.0 Painting work 8

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come back again
for more detailing.


Step by step buildiing estimation details for small residencial building

Step by step block masonry sump tank estimation details.

Step by step construction details for sump tank

Step by step construction details for masonry work

Step by step construction details for staircase work

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