Basic package @Rs.1600.00



1.        2D Floor Plan. (2 Options) 

2.        2D Elevation. 

3.        Electrical Drawing.

4.        Plumbing Drawing.

5.        Furniture Layout.

2.         Earth Work.

1.        Excavation for footing columns upto 5’-0” from Road Level.

2.    Refilling for foundation and footings & below flooring with excavated earth including watering, compacting & consolidating.

3.        Carting away Excavated surplus earth from site.

4.        Carting away debris. 

3.         CONCRETING.

1.        Providing and laying PCC 1:4:8 using 40mm graded granite aggregate below the footing and flooring including normal ramming, compacting and curing.

2.        P.C.C.1:2:4 using 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for Windows sills  etc. including necessary form work and curing, etc., complete.

3.        Providing & casting RCC1:1½:3 with 20mm graded granite aggregate for column Footings, Columns, Staircase, Lintels, Sun Shades, Roof Beams, Roof Slab.

4.        Providing & casting RCC1:1 1/2:3 with 3/4″ graded granite aggregate for chajjas, lofts, Sills, shelves and the like of average thickness of 3″.

4.         MASONRY.

1.        Size stone masonry in C.M. 1:6 for foundation and basement above ground level with stones laid in horizontal course not less than 8″ high, upto 2 courses masonry including curing etc., complete.

2.        Providing and Constructing 6″ thick Block masonry work in CM1:5 with Good quality Brick including racking out of joints necessary scaffolding, curing etc. complete. (For External) (Basic Price of Block Rs.32.00- per Block)

3.        Providing and Constructing 4” thick Block masonry work CM 1:4 with including supplying and providing 2 Nos 8mm dia M.S. rods as reinforcements in every 4th course including racking out the joints, necessary scaffolding and curing etc. complete. (For Internal) (Basic Price of Block  Rs.26.00- per Block)


1.        Supplying, fabricating and tie in position MS/HT 8mm to 16mm diameter reinforcement in RCC items including necessary cutting, cranking, tying with 15 gauge binding wire and all lead and lift charges etc., complete. (Basic Price of steel  Rs.42,000- per M.T)

2.        Providing and fixing 10mm M.S rod Grills for windows and ventilators as per architectural design.

3.        Providing and fixing M.S Railing for Staircase as per architectural design.

4.        Providing and fixing M.S Railing for Balcony as per architectural design.

5.        Providing and fixing M.S Gate as per architectural design (Cost of gate upto Rs.20,000)

6.         PAVINGS / FLOORING.

1.        Providing and laying Vitrified tiles 2′-0″X2′-0″ size of approved make and colour for flooring laid in C.M.1:5 3/4″ to 1″ thick bed including grouting the joints with grouting powder to match the tile. (Living, Dining, Kitchen) (Basic price of tile for  Rs.40/-per Sft)

2.        Providing and laying ceramic tiles of approved quality size and shade for Toilet flooring laid in C.M.1:5, 3/4″ thick bed including grouting the joints with grouting powder to match the tiles. (Basic price of tile for  Rs.35/-per Sft)

3.        Providing and fixing ceramic glazed tiles for dadoing up to 7′-0″ height using tiles of approved quality, size and shade set on C.M.1:4 3/4″ thick backing including grouting the joints with grouting powder to match the tile. (For toilets (Basic price of tile for  Rs.35/-per Sft)

4.        Providing Staircase flooring with 19mm thick machine cut granite slab laid on C.M.1:5 bed of 3/4″ to 1″ thickness and the joints grouted with grouting powder. Tread with bull nosing. (Basic price of granite 60Rs/-per Sft).

5.        Providing and fixing ceramic glazed tiles above the kitchen counter 2′-0″ Height using tiles of approved quality, size and shade set on C.M.1:4 3/4″ thick backing including grouting the joints with grouting powder to match the tile. (For Kitchen) (Basic price of tile for Rs.40/-per Sft)

6.        Providing and fixing black granite kitchen platform 30mm thick with highly polished on all exposed surfaces. (Kitchen)

7.        Providing and laying ceramic Vitrified tiles 1′-0″X1′-0″ size of approved make and colour for flooring laid in C.M.1:5 1″ to 1½” thick bed including grouting the joints with grouting powder to match the tile. (For Car parking) (Basic price of tile Rs.35/-per Sft)


1.        Providing and fixing 6”X3” Salwood frame. The shutter of Masonite door shutter of Niki make. (Main doors)

2.        Providing and fixing 5″x3″Neem wood door frames with 32mm thick Masonite door shutter. (Internal Doors)

3.        Providing and fixing PVC door frame and PVC shutter. (Toilet Doors)

4.        Providing and fixing 3 track Aluminum windows for bedroom and living and 2 track windows for kitchen.

5.        Providing and fixing Aluminum louver ventilators.

8.         PLASTERING.

1.        Providing and laying 1/2″ to 3/4″ plaster in CM 1:4 to ceiling of slabs including hacking the surface & finishing with a thin slurry of lime.

2.        Providing & laying 1/2″to 3/4″plaster in cm 1:6 to Block masonry wall etc, after preparing the surface including finishing with a thin slurry of lime (Internal plastering).

3.        Providing & laying 1/2″ to 3/4″plaster in CM    1:6 to brick masonry, RC works, stone masonry, etc. After preparing the surfaces including finishing surfaces with sand finishing – sponge finish. (External plastering)


1.        Water proofing with1:2:4 Concrete mix using 6mm graded granite aggregate with required slope in Terrace.

2.        Prepare the surface and plastering with 1/2″to 3/4″ thick in C.M.1:4 with water proof additive at 2% by wt., of cement including curing, etc, complete. (Toilets)


1.        Preparing the surface by sand papering, applying one coat of oil-based primer, two coats of putty and two coats of Tractor Emulsion of approved quality and make etc., complete. (Internal Ceiling).

2.        Providing and Painting of internal wall with sand papering the surface applying one coat of primer, two coat of filler/putty and applying 2 finishing coats of Tractor Emulsion paint, with approved shade. (Asian paints) (Internal Walls)

3.        Painting External Walls with Ace or equivalent approved make and shade thoroughly cleaning the surface, removing loose burrs, dusts, holes, cracks,etc., washing and wetting the surface with sprayer applying one coat of white cement and 2 coats of painting, with approved shade. (External Walls)

4.        Preparing the surface by sand papering to wood work, applying one coat of filler and two coats of Hand polish. (Main Door)

5.        Preparing the surface by sand papering, applying one coat of primer & putty and two coats of synthetic enamel paint satin finish of approved quality and make, etc., complete. (Internal Doors)

6.        Preparing the surface by sand papering, applying one coat of red oxide primer and two coats of synthetic enamel paint of approved quality, shade and make, etc., complete. (Grills,Railings)


1.        PVC Pipes         :             Hindware

2.        CPVC Pipes        :             Hindware

3.        CP Fittings:        :             Cera or Hindware basic modules.

4.        W.C (Floor Mount)             Hindware Basic Modules.  (Cost upto Rs.6000.00)

5.        Wall mixer for shower and tap (Cost upto Rs.3000.00)

6.        Washbasin                       Pedestal Wash basin (Cost upto Rs.3000.00)

7.        Provision for Geyser connections with stop cocks.

8.        Washing machine inlet and outlet points at the appropriate locations.

9.        Sanitary Chambers as necessary.

10.     Kitchen Sink:                   S.S Sink 18″x18″.

12.         ELECTRICAL WORK.

1.        Wiring  :- Anchor roma or Poly cab  (1.0sqmm. for Lighting and 4 sqmm. for Heating).

2.        Switches and Plates :-  Anchor roma, or Hi-fi brand Basic modules.

3.        Concealed electrical wiring through PVC conduit.

4.        Distribution Box for each house and Anchor roma make.

5.        Electrical arrangements for sump.

6.        Number of electrical points in each house – As per architect drawings.

7.        Separate circuit for Power (Gyser, AC, Fridge, Oven, Heater etc.)

8.        Provisions for UPS.

13.         Miscellaneous Works.

1.        Parapet wall 3′-6″ Feet height.

2.        Sump tank 6000.00 Liters with 6” thick block masonry with necessary mesh mesh works.

3.        PVC Overhead tank 1500.00 Liters (Ganga make)

14.         OWNER SCOPE. 

1.        Departmental works like (Sanctioning of plan, Temporary power supply connection, Road cutting permission and Pro-rata charges should be take care by owner.

2.        Monthly Temporary power supply should be take care by owner.

3.        Cauvery Water supply for construction.

4.        If any incontinent happens in site like (Police, Corporation people) owner should take care.

5.     Solar, Geyser, Mirror, Soap holder, Towel rod, Door back hanger hook etc. for the Toilets/Bathrooms shall be borne by the BUILDING OWNERS.

6.        All Interior works and Plaster of Paris (POP) works (if any) will be borne by the BUILDING OWNERS.

7.     The BUILDING OWNERS shall purchase all the Electrical fixtures like (Ceiling Fans, Lights, Exhaust fans, Calling bell).


8.        The Automatic Water level controller cost shall be borne by the BUILDING OWNERS.

15.         Notes.

1.        Work starts from excavation.

2.        If any alteration required after work done then cost will be extra.

3.        Flagging Concrete in set-back area (Extra)

4.   Compound wall (Extra)

5.        Temporary structures like Pergola, Sloping roof any Fabrication Works then cost will be Extra.

6.        If we find any rocks at the time of excavation then cost will be Extra.

7.        If any changes in the materials specification then the difference of amount will be Extra.

8.        Area Calculation as per construction done at site and it should be roof slab to roof slab area measurements.







Basic Price for 1600.00/-




Cement 53grade and 43 grade




a) Priya




b) Maha








Steel upto 2.0 to 2.5kg/Sft




a) TMT
















a) M.Sand for Concreting




b) M.Sand for Masonry work




c) Plastering M.Sand for Plastering












a) 24”x24” Vitrified flooring for Living, Bedroom and Kitchen 




b) Toilet Flooring




c) Kitchen Dadooing




d) Granite for Staircase




e) Parking Flooring








6” Blocks for External wall




4” Blocs for Internal wall



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